"Aesthetic Marketing and Global Brand Strategy" is the main modern strategic management professional basic course. The main purpose of this course is to combine the professional knowledge of global brand strategy with the aesthetic marketing emphasized by modern marketing activities. It escapes the tradition and emphasizes the use of the product itself. Characteristic or Red Sea strategy price promotion and marketing activities, to create product brand beauty (such as product packaging with deep artistic or characteristic elements) or brand stories to impress consumers' inner emotional elements, which is to enable students to understand brand management Importance, and learn to understand how to add perceptual aesthetic elements to global marketing activities, design brand marketing stories that are inspiring and can create a deep impression of consumers, or make aesthetic packaging for products, to stimulate the emotional emotions of modern global consumers And was moved, and then developed a sense of identity with the company's brand, thereby establishing consumer loyalty to the brand, and creating a good brand image as the foundation to build the company's century-old foundation.